The Practice of Statistics (4th Edition)
by Yates, Moore and Starnes

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Chapter 1 : Exploring Data Analyzing Categorical Data (1.1) Histograms on the Calculator
  Displaying Quantitative Data with Graphs (1.2) Computing Numerical Summaries on the Calculator
  Describing Quantitative Data with Numbers (1.3) Boxplots on the Calculator
Chapter 2 : Modeling Distributions of Data Describing Location in a Distributions (2.1) Normal Calculations on the Calculator
  Normal Distributions (2.2)  
  Standard Normal Distributions (2.2)  
Chapter 3: Describing Relationships Scatterplots and Correlation (3.1) Scatterplots on the the Calculator
  Least Squares Regression Line (3.2) Calculating Correlation on the Calculator
  Coefficient of Determination (3.2) LSRL on the Calculator
  Residual Plots (3.2) Residual Plots on the Calculator
  Chapter 3 Review  
Chapter 4: Designing Studies Sampling Methods (4.1) Obtaining Random Numbers on the Calculator
  Sources of Bias in Surveys and Polls (4.1)  
  Designing Experiments (4.2)  
  Designing Experiments (4.2 cont)  
  Using Studies Wisely (4.3)  
Chapter 5: Probability Randomness, Probability and Simulation (5.1)  
  Probability Rules and Venn Diagrams (5.2)  
  Conditional Probability and Independence (5.3)  
Chapter 6: Random Variables Discrete and Continuous Random Variables (6.1) Finding Binomial Probabilities on the Calculator
  Transforming and Combining Random Variables (6.2) Finding Geometric Probabilities on the Calculator
  Binomial Random Variables (6.3)  
  Geometric Random Variables (6.3)  
Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions What is a Sampling Distribution (7.1)  
  Sample Proportions (7.2)  
  Sample Means (7.3)  
Chapters 1-7    
Chapter 8: Estimating with Confidence Confidence Intervals: The Basics (8.1) Constructing Confidence Intervals on the Calculator
  Estimating a Population Proportion (8.2)  
  Estimating a Population Mean (8.3)  
Chapter 9: Testing a Claim Significance Tests: The Basics (9.1) Tests About a Population Parameter on the Calculator
  Type I and Type II Errors (9.1)  
  Tests About a Population Proportion (9.2)  
  Tests About a Population Mean (9.3)  
  Tests About a Population Mean from a Matched Pairs Design (9.3)  
Chapter 10: Comparing Two Populations Comparing Two Proportions (10.1) Comparing Two Proportions/Means on the Calculator
  Comparing Two Means (10.2)  
Chapter 11: Inference for Categorical Data Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Tests (11.1) Chi-Square Tests on the Calculator
  Chi-Square Tests of Homogeneity (11.2)  
  Chi Square Tests of Association/Independence (11.2)  
Chapter 12: More About Regression Inference for Linear Regression (12.1)  
  Exponential Regression (12.2)  
  Power Regression (12.2)  
Chapter 13: ANOVA    
Chapters 1-12    

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The Practice of Statistics (2nd Edition)
by Yates, Moore and Starnes

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